Trust Doctors Tripp, Jeung, and Montgomery to provide you and your family complete and comprehensive eye care services.

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Cataract Surgery

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Laser Refractive Surgery

Begin to experience life clearly again by utilizing the miracle of LASIK Surgery. We can correct your vision starting today.

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Lipi Flow

Get at the root of your dry eye issues with the cutting-edge procedure of LipiFlow®. Don't wait. Find relief now.

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Premium Contacts

Modern contact lenses can help you even if you have astigmatism, dry eye, or need bifocals. See your options here.

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Optical Shop

Check out our vast selection of frames! We are your one stop shop to get all of your optical needs taken care of.

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Meet with Excellent Eye Doctors in Boulder, Colorado

Welcome to Pearl Street Eye! Our office provides comprehensive eye care for the entire family.

We strive to give each of our patients the best possible care using the latest technology and equipment. Because our office utilizes the professions of both ophthalmology and optometry we can cover the spectrum of vision care.

Our services include routine vision care, refractive surgery including LASIK, PRK, cataract surgery, and glaucoma treatment. We fit all types of contact lenses including bifocal contacts lenses, lenses for astigmatism and dry eye. We also fit patients with keratoconus as well as patients who have had corneal surgery.

To All of Our Patients at Pearl Street Eye

I wanted to let you all know that there are changes ahead for Pearl Street Eye.

We are making a gradual transition to new ownership.

At the present time there are no doctors seeing patients at Pearl Street Eye.

I will update this website as soon as I know when the new doctor will begin working here.

I am 66 years old and have the pleasure of being a business owner in Boulder for 36 plus years.  In that time I have also covered the Northern Colorado plains for 29 years.  I have loved every minute taking care of patients.

I am now looking forward to retirement and a new phase of life.

Thank you each for many years of loyalty and support.  I wish you all many years of happiness and good health.

I am selling my practice and am sure the new owners will give you top level care.

Warren Tripp, M. D.

Our  location is:
2575 Pearl Street, Suite 1C.
Boulder, CO 80302

Office Hours :   Dr. Tripp will not  be in the office on any regular basis and there are no staff at the moment.  Calls will not be answered  If you need records please use the email below to request them.  I can get these emails and send your records to you.  If you have a need to meet me at the office please email that request and reason and I will get back to you.  Email is  the best way to contact Dr. TrippWith email there are no questions about spelling of names, etc. and the emails can be monitored from home or at the office.


Call 911 for medical emergencies.

phone 442-6260
Fax: (303) 447-0792


Please make sure you print this email correctly  some people have said it is closed, but it is open and I get about 20 emails per day.  If you cannot get email to go to the ofice email address, is a back up email address.

Pearl Street Eye

2575 Pearl Street, Suite 1C
Boulder, CO 80302

Phone: 303-442-6260