Optical Shop – Finding your perfect fit in Boulder, CO

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Whether you need glasses full time or only for close work, Pearl Street Eye has a large selection of stylish, durable frames within all price ranges. We feature the highest quality and latest lens technology, specialized computer glasses and the most advanced progressive lenses.

Our opticians are trained and experienced to take care of those patients with unique needs including glasses with prismatic corrections, high prescriptions and those with low vision needs.

Finding the right pair of glasses begins with a consultation with one of our superb opticians, who will work with you to find the right glasses for you based on your doctor’s prescription, as well as your facial features and your own personal style

Every lens is chosen and delivered with craftsmanship that is equal to your frame. Choose from array of options to fit your lifestyle, from anti-reflective and UV coatings to polarized and transitional lenses.

Customize Your Eyewear

It’s your eyewear. It should enhance your unique features and reflect your personal style. We can create a frame that’s your own in every way, such as additions for a flawless fit and lens treatments custom made for you. In addition, we provide premium services to preserve and renew your eyewear.


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