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We pride ourselves on bringing our patients the most up to date technology available for routine eye care and diagnosing eye disease. See our technology below.


We offer the Optomap digital retinal evaluation for examining the inside of the eye. This scanning laser retinal camera provides us with a 200 degree view of the inside of the eye without dilation. This scanning laser ophthalmoscope is very helpful for detecting and following retinal disease. It also provides us a view of the retina for routine eye exams which may allow the patient to avoid dilation. As always, your eye doctor will ultimately decide if dilation is necessary. Please visit for more information.


A prerequisite to performing safe and precise laser refractive surgery is the ability to accurately measure the shape, thickness and contour of the cornea prior to surgery. We are one of the first practices in Colorado to offer this technology. The Oculus Pentacam can measure these components of the cornea using technology superior to other imaging devices on the market.

One of the most critical measurements to evaluate prior to LASIK is corneal thickness. This can be measured using a handheld pachymeter but this only measures one point on the cornea. The Pentacam measures 25,000 points to evaluate the true overall thickness of the cornea. This will give us much more detail and allow us to determine if LASIK is a safe option for our patients.

In the past, instruments allowed us to only measure the contour of the front surface of the cornea. With the Pentacam, the front and back surface of the cornea can be measured with great accuracy. Some patients may have a normal front corneal surface but if the back surface is irregular this allows us to inform the patient they are not a good LASIK candidate.

The Pentacam is also useful for cataract patients. The cataracts can be imaged and analyzed for future reference to monitor changes in lens opacity. The Pentacam is also very useful in helping the surgeon determine the most accurate lens power to implant in the eye during cataract surgery.

IOL Master

Cataract surgery involves removing the eye’s natural lens which has become cloudy and replacing it with a lens implant. Calculating the lens implant power precisely can reduce nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. To achieve the best results, we use the state of the art IOL Master which uses wave front technology to measure the length of the eye. Obtaining the most accurate measurement of the length of the eyeball is critical to reaching the desired refractive outcome. This is used along with the traditional ultrasound measuring devices and Pentacam to achieve the highest accuracy possible.

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